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Let's get acquainted, shall we?

I'm Alina Vasile, Senior VR product designer, explorer, strategist and team leader.  

I am fascinated with all aspects of User Experience Design and the Metaverse, where I specialise in ideation, creating immersive experiences, learning and leadership.


I am a curious life-long learner and I enjoy making things happen. Motivated to conceptualise and develop captivating experiences, I am continuously creating and exploring new ways of conveying my ideas and challenging myself.


I love diving into the why and how users explore VR and how to create experiences they enjoy coming back to again and again. 

When I am not busy giving 150% in the work I do, you can find me reading a book, exploring new restaurants or preparing for my next travel destination. 


My current home is London, UK, but I am originally from Bucharest, Romania. 

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This nomination was the result of the successful transformation of 10 live executive training events to VR.  

As a finalist, I was invited by The Learning & Performance Institute to share my thoughts on the future of learning in L&D Question Time.

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